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Doing your makeup on your wedding day? Here are my top tips for doing your makeup on the big day.

Bride doing own wedding day makeup

You have decided to do your makeup for your big day! My last blog post outlined the pros & cons of doing your makeup on your wedding morning, if you are still undecided whether to do it yourself or hire the pros, check out the post here, to help make that decision easier.

But if you have decided to DIY as I did on my wedding morning recently, I thought I would share my top tips (from my own experience as a bride & as a makeup artist!) for doing your makeup on your wedding day, and how to have a smooth-running wedding morning.

Makeup on a table

  1. If you are hoping to do your makeup but would like a little bit of guidance. Why not book in for a makeup or skincare lesson? I offer a 2-hour bridal makeup lesson, where I can help you come up with a makeup look, assist with skincare & makeup routines, and offer product recommendations, along with helping you come up with a timetable for your morning. Making sure you feel confident about doing your makeup on the day. Contact me for more information on these lessons! You can also head to a makeup counter if there is a specific brand you love.

  2. If you are lost for inspiration, search Pinterest and online for looks you love, and then have a go at recreating. Please don’t get disheartened if your finished look doesn’t look like the image, these images are often highly edited, so they can be a little misleading!

  3. Once you have an idea of the look you want to achieve, then keep practicing and do some trials on yourself. Allow plenty of time to do this, and don’t leave deciding on your makeup look to the last minute, as this will create stress and panic! I recommend to my clients to start practicing on themselves 3-4 months before the wedding once they have their dress, wedding theme, hairstyle, etc decided upon. This allows time to try out any new products and the time to buy the products you need without any rushing or panic buying at the end.

  4. Photograph your look and write down the steps and products you used. This is especially great if you are feeling a bit nervous on the day, as you can refer back to your notes and photos.

  5. Only pack the products you plan to use for your makeup look. If you are someone with a big makeup bag, then bringing the whole lot will create confusion and overwhelm on the morning. Of course, bring any backup products, but try to keep your makeup bag on the day streamlined so you can see what you have. If you have space lay all your products out, as a makeup artist would! This helps to see what you have and enables you to work quickly and efficiently.

  6. Create a timetable for your wedding morning, scheduling plenty of time to do your makeup (and bridal party members), with 15 mins or so of touch-ups at the end. I would allow an hour to do your makeup. You might think an hour seems like a long time, but the wedding morning goes so fast, everyone wants your attention, and an hour gives you time in case of any mistakes. Of course, if you feel you will need more time, schedule in longer.

  7. On the morning, find yourself a quiet corner, or separate room where you won’t be disturbed to do your makeup. I enjoyed stepping away and having a moment to myself to do my makeup.

  8. Make sure you have plenty of light (natural light preferably), space, and a mirror. You don’t want to be squinting in a tiny compact mirror, so if know your room doesn’t have a decent mirror, bring a portable mirror, like these on Amazon.

  9. Be strict with yourself to double-check your makeup once the dress is on, to see if you need to add to or do any touch-ups. Of course, be super careful once the dress is on!

  10. Try not to listen to too many opinions. Do what makes you feel comfortable. It's your face and your day!

  11. If something goes wrong, or you feel nervous, take yourself away to your quiet spot, breathe and if you have made a mistake then don’t be afraid to take it off and start again.

  12. Finally, enjoy yourself and don’t drink too much before doing your own makeup!!

I hope this helps, and if you have any great tips for doing your own makeup on your wedding day, then please share xx

For more info on my bridal makeup lessons check out what I offer here or get in touch by emailing

I also offer makeup trials if you would like to book a makeup artist for your big day, I cover London and the South East, along with destination weddings.


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