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Are you considering hiring a professional makeup artist versus doing your own makeup on your big day? If you are unsure, then hopefully this post will help you decide.

Bride doing her own wedding day makeup

I recently got married and as a makeup artist, I decided to do my own makeup for the wedding day. I could have easily got one of my amazing makeup artist friends to do my makeup but after some consideration, I opted to do it myself. We were getting married abroad in Portugal, so to save costs I decided to do my own. I know what I like when it comes to makeup, so doing my own felt like the right choice. Plus, it meant some new products for my own makeup bag and my makeup kit! I had my hair done by the wonderful Rita Rodrigues (for anyone getting married in Portugal!)

Doing it myself had some pros & cons, which I have outlined below, hopefully, this will help you decide if doing your own makeup is right for you...


  • You have control over your look. If you are nervous about someone else doing your makeup and are worried you will end up not looking like yourself, or you have a very specific way of doing your makeup, or perhaps you have super sensitive skin, and know what products work for you. Then doing your own makeup might be the way to go.

  • Not sure who to choose? There are so many hair & makeup artists out there, so deciding who to trust with your hair or makeup on your big day can feel super overwhelming. Doing it yourself takes trawling through the internet and waiting for responses from artists out of the equation. Makeup artists can get booked up well in advance, so if your wedding is fast approaching and you haven’t sorted your makeup, doing it yourself might be a good option.

  • Money saving. With many spiraling wedding costs, choosing to do your own can save you money, instead, you could invest in some new products for your makeup bag.

  • Perfect for destination weddings. If you are getting married abroad and feel a little bit lost with who to trust with your makeup at your destination, and perhaps flying over your glam squad is out of the budget, then doing your own makeup is the perfect solution!


  • Nerves! You might feel super nervous or stressed on the morning of the wedding. If you think this might be the case or think you will have shakey hands! Then having a professional take over might be the better option. This allows you the chance to sit down, relax, and be in the safe hands of a makeup artist. Taking the extra pressure off you on a busy wedding morning.

  • Expertise. Having a professional by your side on the morning can be invaluable, not only are they there to make you look and feel beautiful, but you also have the advantage of their expertise & skills. Not to mention all those amazing products in their kit you have always wanted to try! Makeup artists are also usually great at keeping you calm and in check on the day. Allowing you a chance to take a seat and relax for an hour. Bringing me to my next point…

  • Running out of time. As a makeup artist, I make sure I keep a strict time schedule to make sure the wedding morning runs smoothly, and everyone is ready on time. When you are doing things yourself, it is easy to get caught up in the busyness of the morning and not give yourself enough time to do your own makeup! It’s very easy to get carried away with everything going on! This happened to me on my own wedding morning, I got caught up in all the excitement and didn’t get around to doing the touch-up on my eyes that I was hoping to do! I needed someone there dedicated to makeup to keep me in check (I forgot to give this task to a bridesmaid!)

So there we go, if the points above have helped you decide you would like to do your own makeup for the big day, then check out my next post with some top tips to ensure you are ready and prepared for makeup success on the wedding morning.


I offer bridal makeup lessons in person and online if you are hoping to do your own makeup on your big day but want some advice & guidance to get you started. Check out what I offer here.

I also offer makeup trials if you would like to book a makeup artist for your big day, I cover London and the South East, along with destination weddings.

If you are still unsure or would like to reach out to me for more info or advice, then feel free to drop me an email

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